IWEN Mystery Scarf

IWEN Mystery Scarf
Mystery Scarf
{ Mystery scarf means you purchase an IWEN Scarf and one will be chosen and sent. You will be surprised when you receive it! Exciting! The best part is that you are empowering marginalized women and girls as all proceeds are given back }
Unako ScarfUnako Scarf
Examples of what your Unako Scarf could look like
UNAKO is an initiative of the IWEN Charity


Since its inception, IWEN used scarves as a source of financing. Initially, they came from shops in the Nepalese capital, but in 2012, IWEN bought the necessary equipment and trained a group of Tharu mothers so they would be the ones to manufacture and supply IWEN’s scarves. Their creations are named UNAKO which means “her” in Nepali. These Tharu mothers whose meager income depended on daily labor on a landlord’s’ farm now manage a small sewing workshop. They now proudly  call themselves “UNAKO Ladies” and have gained more than just financial independence but a new sense of self and a dignity they never believed possible.

The UNAKO project weaves links between the UNAKO Ladies and all those women who wear their scarves. Imagine a woman in Canada or elsewhere in the world, which wears an UNAKO scarf, is actually linked to another woman in rural Western Nepal that is surviving despite the cruelty of poverty. Together, we create a sustainable future for these women who now believe in themselves and have hope for their children’s lives. This is the power of one UNAKO scarf. Wear it proudly because the impact is enormous.

Our Mission

IWEN's mission is to provide educational opportunities and sustainable life skills to marginalized women and children.

Our Mandate

To provide for the advancement of education and educational opportunities for people living in poverty in Canada and abroad, by increasing relevant knowledge, abilities and life skills of individuals and family members, with a focus on helping girls and women when doing so.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead


Education is a right.   IWEN is fulfilling its duties under the United Nation's Universal Charter of Human Rights as a responsible "world citizen" in providing educational scholarships and livelihood opportunities to females living in poverty.

Everyone, females included, is capable of changing his or her life for the better if given an opportunity.

Women are equal to men and should have all and enjoy the same rights as men.  Gender equality is achieved only by working with both genders.

Education for females not only promotes a better life for women but also facilitates the development of the whole family.

Education promotes personal and social responsibility of all family members.

Education provides choices and options in life.

Livelihood opportunities in a family sustain educational goals.




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